Ark Valley Helping Hands
Ark Valley Helping Hands is a neighbor-to-neighbor, non-profit, volunteer-based organization right here in Chaffee County! We support the elders in our community in remaining in their homes and remaining an integrated part of our communities. We recognize that many elder members of our community are forced to leave their home and their community because they just need a little more help than they can manage on their own to continue to live independently. - http://www.avhelpinghands.org

Sage Generation
Sage Generation was founded in November 2015 in response to the growing need for senior resources in Chaffee County. We live in a unique, beautiful community where many of us want to grow old. We believe the focus on senior resources and housing should be toward "thriving". Located in our local neighborhoods, focused on individual choice and autonomy, and valuing quality of life over cost savings and efficiency. - http://www.sagegeneration.org/

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Chaffee County Public Health
Chaffee County Public Health strives to elevate community health through immunization against communicable disease, health promotion, health protection and emergency preparedness. http://chaffeecounty.org/public-health

Chaffee County Department of Human Services
The Chaffee County Human Services departments work together to advocate and provide for the health and wellness of our citizens. We provide responsive programs for the entire community, young and old. We believe the people of Chaffee County are the safest, healthiest & most self sufficient in Colorado. http://www.chaffeecounty.org/Human-Services

UAAA - Upper Arkansas Agency on Aging
The Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging will assist persons  60 years of age and older throughout the region in maintaining health, dignity, independence and quality of life through education, advocacy, coordination and delivery of services and programs. http://www.uaaaa.org

PfCA - Partnership for Community Action
The Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) is a catalyst for social change in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. We create events and programs that serve as platforms to speak to and, perhaps, target a specific need in the community, bringing people together and fostering interaction, to give everyone a voice. http://www.goPfCA.com